Children and Families Photography Info

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1. Book a Session

A £50 of booking fee is required when you schedule a session.  ​

You will receive 1-2 hours of session time, and I will spend another couple of hours editing your photos at my desk. 

This fee is beneficial for both of us as you can preview your photos before you invest more. 

2. Enjoy your Gallery 

Your gallery will be ready within 1-3 weeks after your session.

It will contain 40-70 images for you to choose from, and will remain live for 5 days.


3. Choose a Package

Print packages start from £50.
Our prints are printed by professional laboratory and checked by both the printer and ourselves. 

Digital packages start from £100 and come with print license so you will have the right to print and share the images at your preferred printer. 

Product Packages
We offer a range of print products and digital packages to suit different needs. 

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